Size 16+ clothing can often be overpriced. Im in love with fashion and getting a good deal so i thought i would combine the two. so here it is my were ill post deals, flash sales, outfits from highstreet stores, online shops to showing what awesome looks you get get from your local charity shops! I try to update everyday and trust me its worth following! ;-)

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~ Friday, August 29 ~

Here is some shameless selfies I took this morning.  

Big hair and brown lipstick. 

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~ Wednesday, August 27 ~

You are enough.

You have to let go of this idealized picture of what the female body has to be. Lumps, bumps, scars and blemishes tell a story but we are so intent on losing them and transforming into someone else instead of getting to know our self. Some of the most conventionally beautiful I know are the most insecure people I have ever met. If you change yourself to conform to societies idea of beauty you will never be good enough. There will always be that other thing you need to change about yourself then before you know it the true you is buried away when that person was stunning in first place! 

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Satchels for £9.99!


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~ Tuesday, August 26 ~

Its just been a selfie kind of day (◡‿◡✿)

You should follow my blog because: 

  • I only post original posts made my me. 
  • I have been running this blog for something like 3 years.
  • I only post fashion under £30
  • I post up sale finds that you might have missed.
  • I work really hard on this blog to show people you can be fat poor and fashionable (like me! lol)
  • 4,000+ people follow this blog so you might as well jump on the bandwagon.  
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~ Monday, August 25 ~
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~ Saturday, August 23 ~
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~ Thursday, August 21 ~

My outfit today. ♡

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~ Wednesday, August 20 ~

queen-ofcreepy said: I've been really focused on loosing weight and looking like "other girls" because I have to end up changing in front of other girls. But now that I found this blog. I don't care. I have two rolls, two times more the fabulous. I don't care about how big my thighs are. I love my body. Thank you so much for just being here. I can see you helped a lot of people.

Aww sweety! I am so glad I could help you get on the journey to loving yourself! This message has literally made my day. Keep on being a gorgeous fat babe! im always here for you if you need a boost in confidence. :)  

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~ Tuesday, August 19 ~
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Thank you all so much for all your support! 
This blog has over 4,100+ followers!
It has been running for nearly 3 years.
Got some awesome posts coming.  


Thank you all so much for all your support! 

This blog has over 4,100+ followers!

It has been running for nearly 3 years.

Got some awesome posts coming.  

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~ Friday, August 15 ~

There is allot of fat hate going around…

Here are some tips to over come the hate. 

The hater is/has:

  • angry
  • nasty
  • living with hate in their heart 
  • nothing better to do 
  • thinking that someones looks, weight and appearance is a way to calculate someones worth in this world.
  • thinking that we should live up to societies beauty standards. 
  • upset that they do not find us attractive so therefore think we should change to suit them 
  • thinking that they have a say on how we should live our life and therefore bullies people into conforming to their ideals



How to overcome the hate/hater (and really stick it to them) 

  • remember that you do not need the approval from someone so judgmental.
  • know that even if you did want to change out of shame that no matter what you do you will never be good enough for someone who put others down. 
  • go swimming, so shopping, go to a restaurant, go outside and smell the flowers (the haters will hate that they have not succeeded in in their quest to make you cry the day away)
  • put on your favorite outfit and take some pictures to submit to one of the amazing plus size fashion sites like fuckyeahchubbyfashion
  • remember that you are you and you are fucking awesome!
  • remember that I and everyone else love you
  • DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS its what they want
  • the best from of revenge is success and the best success you can do is love yourself!   
  • remember that there is a whole community of fat babes who love you! (like me, i love you) 
  • when you go out next and see a fat babe (male or female or other, able or disabled, any race or colour) make sure you tell them how good they look. it could just make their day! 


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~ Tuesday, August 5 ~

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#plussize #plussizefashion #fatfashion #fashion #chubby #chubbyfashion #selfie #ootd

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~ Wednesday, July 2 ~

Well well, what can I say… a multipack underwear set that fits like a dream. Don’t dismiss multipacks because they can be very stylish. These ones will be low on stock because I bought them when they were on sale but there are others like it on K&CO s site that are just as nice and go up to UK size 28.

£15 Underwired Lace Bras (2 Pack) pink/mint

£3 K&CO Sorbet Elegance Lace Briefs (2 Pack) pink/mint

Black/white 2 pack bra £25

Black/white 2 pack knickers £13

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~ Tuesday, June 24 ~

hellahijabi said: s2g the amount of bs u must take about people telling you to lose weight must make you sick (i know i am)… though sadly i am over here in the us crying over the fact that i do not have uk currency. from fat girl to fat girl you are simply breathtaking :)

Yes it does get to you sometimes. I think allot of judgmental people think that being fat gives them a pass to tell you how to live your life. Recently an old friend of mine lectured me and accused me of being an idiot because I eat mcdonalds from time to time as a treat. She got so angry about it that two of my good friends had to get involved to get her to go away.

She wasn’t concerned about my well being she was out to humiliate me and my sister. She even blamed this fictitious diet she think we had for my sisters illnesses. Now if anyone is really interested then I will tell you that homemade, pure fruit smoothies are common in my house, I make most of the dinners we eat from scratch using fresh food from farmers markets.  

I am a full time carer to my disabled sister, you take steroids for 14 years and see how your body changes, I would rather have her as big as a house than dead. There are some weeks were she wont leave the house atall due to mental illness but youll be damn right if im gonna take her to mcdonalds to get her outside, a place that she likes and will tell me hows shes feeling.

From two fat girls to one fat girls and all the rest of the fat girls, you are flawless. By all means, look after yourself because your worth it but never let anyone control your life because they are judgmental and not worth your time. <3

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